the buttoned water

The buttoned water?

Yes, you heard that right! Thanks to me, you will be able to choose the taste of your tap water. Press my magical button once and the most delicious water will run right out of your tap. Genius, isn’t it?

I’ll replace your favourite bottled water and you’ll be able to save hundreds of euros and reduce waste at the same time. Wow!

Choose the taste of your tap water

No more limescale, no more flavour disruptors, only fresh-tasting drinking water! Doesn't that sound like a dream? Well, it isn't, because with the Robi Cartridge, this will become your reality. The cartridge contains an active, innovative carbon filter that purifies, filters and enriches your tap water. You can choose from three different ones, each with its own effect and taste. The water expert in you knows what makes your taste buds happy, so which water cartridge will you choose?

Why should you choose Robi?

  • Nice and easy
  • Nice low-cost
  • Nice and healthy
  • Nice and tasty
Discover all the benefits

Installing Robi? It's a no brainer!

From now on you can cross bottled water off your shopping list, because with Robi you are choosing a life without the hassle of carrying water around the supermarket.

The only thing you need to do is simply install me under your kitchen sink. With the detailed installation manual, you can do it yourself in the blink of an eye. No plumber, no worries.

We understand that the installation can make you a tiny bit unsure. If you would rather leave it to a professional, that is not a problem at all! Simply book our installation service and a Robi Technician will be happy to lend you a hand. Nice and easy, isn't it?

Calculate your profit

Are you curious how much money you will actually save thanks to me? Pick the bottled water of your choice, enter the number of family members in your household and the Robi Calculator will do its magic.

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